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CSD searchation - cent midwst keepin it reaal

About CSD searchation

Previous Entry CSD searchation Jan. 8th, 2006 @ 04:16 pm Next Entry
hey all, I'm on the search committee here in the CMWD for a new Congregational Services Director, and basically I wanted to get people's opinions on what they think a CSD needs.
the real short version of what a CSD does is:
Committed to anti-oppression and justice, Congregational Services supports the health, growth and transformation of congregations and individuals in fulfilling their mission.
The UUA's Congregational Services support the health and growth of congregations and other Unitarian Universalist communities.

please let me know either here or via e-mail (justinethekillerbunny@gmail.com)

thanks so much, keep in mind that there are a few other districts in search of a new CSD so thinking about this could be a good idea even if you aren't in the CMWD area.

peace and love,
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